Cupid's Favorite Balloon Garland Kit


💝Celebrate your V-day or Galentine's with Cupid's Favorite Balloon Garland! 💝

10 ft. DIY Balloon Garland Kit Includes:

  • 10 Mylar Heart Balloons
  • Assortment of balloons ranging from 11"-24" to make a 10 ft. balloon garland
  • Fishing line to string balloons
  • Balloons manufactured in the USA, 100% biodegradable

Additional materials needed to complete balloon garland:

1. Balloon Air Inflator (Trust us - you don't want to blow this up on your own)

2. Command Hooks for easy hanging (We prefer the 3M outdoor light clips!)

We recommend making the garland the evening before. It will take approximately 1 hour to build. Balloon Garland will remain inflated and insta-worthy for up to 3 weeks!

Prior to building your DIY Balloon garland, please watch our instructional video: