Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name come from? 

Lushra stemmed from the word Lush, meaning one who likes to drink a lot of wine. Wine glasses were Lushra’s very first product! Lushra started offering balloon services in 2018 to compliment its online party store, and has taken off since. 

To date, we offer full service planning, custom event design & custom party products to help celebrate life’s special moments & to bring people together through celebration

Where are you located?

In the heart of Dallas, TX located on Lovers, Lane!

4607 W Lovers Lane Dallas, TX 75209

What are your hours?

Operating hours are 10-5. Pick up hours are 11-4.

What kind of vehicle do I need to pick up a garland? 

We ask for mid-full sized SUVS with all middle seats down and no car seats, please. No pick up trucks. 

Do you blow up other vendors balloons?

No, we only blow up our balloons, but you are able to visit our balloon bar online! 

How do you hang the garlands?

You can always tie the garland to a structure. If that’s not the case, we suggest command hooks. Specifically the 3mm outdoor strung lights.

What is a garland?

A garland is 10 feet worth of 11”,18” and 24”  balloons. Strung on fishing line, these garlands are the perfect “Pop” for any occasion. The garlands will stay fresh up to a week, typically.


Do we print on napkins/do we do custom napkins?

Yes! We offer a variety preset styles that can be tailored to you! We love these custom cups and napkins for any engagement/bridal party, bachelorette party, or gender reveal! *We ask for 10 business days from order confirmation to ship!

What services do we offer?

Lushra offers a few services. 

We have our event team that will deliver and install balloon garlands or rentals. Our minimum is $1000 a you will need to fill out an inquiry form for our event coordinator here.

We now offer Small Scale installations ranging from $550-$850. It's an easy book for a 16, 20 or 25ft install! Book up to 24 business hours in advance, and our team will install in a matter of a few hours. You can book here

We offer pre-inflated balloon garlands for pickup Monday-Friday from 11am - 4pm for $85.

We offer DIY balloon garland kits. And we offer customizable Jumbo Balloons. We also have plates, napkins, and other party accessories!

What should I pick my pre-inflated garland in?

We ask for mid-full sized SUVS with all back seats down and no car seats, please. No pick up trucks. 

What if I want my jumbo balloon to be blank?

You are more than welcome to have blank jumbo balloons. Write in the notes at checkout “No Vinyl or Leave Blank”

How big are the garlands?

Our garlands are 10 feet long and 24” in width

How long will the jumbo balloons last?

Jumbo balloons typically last a few weeks. Sometimes even months!

If you want a personalized logo, send the logo to with your order number.

Return policy options:

  1. If your jumbo pops within 12 hours of inflating, we will replace during normal operating hours
  2. If pops within 12 hours, will refund 50% 

Accept Tax Exempt Forms?

We do accept Tax Exemption Forms. For further information, email

Color matching

Need help finding colors for a create your own kit? Shoot an email to our Party Vibes Specialist for professional help!

Return Policies

We will issue full refunds or Lushra credit for unused DIY Kits. We will also offer exchanges of colors. 

For Jumbo balloons, if they pop within 12 hours of being filled with helium, we will give a 50% refund. *This does not include the streamer tails. 

You can send refunds to 4607 W Lovers Lane, Dallas, Texas 75209. Once your package is back at Lushra, you will receive an email with your confirmation refund.

Renting out backyard

Due to zoning restrictions, we are unable to rent out our backyard for events. 

Helium Bundles

Our luxe helium bundles are 18" latex balloons -we offer three sizes of helium bouquets. Prices range from $35, $50, $65. If you have a bigger budget, you can contact our Party Vibe Specialist at

Helium Bundles: order here.


We offer delivery for jumbos and helium bouquets within a 10 mile radius for a flat fee of $40. In order to book delivery you will need to create an account on and choose delivery at checkout.

Can I take photos in front of the party house?

Absolutely! All party peeps are welcome to come take photos in front of our pink party house and mural! Don’t forget to tag us!