Gender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti®

Celebrate with confetti!

Boy or girl? These confetti push-pops are the perfect way to announce your gender! #doitforthegram

Pink or blue confetti is housed in the middle of the push-pop that is covered by the gold foil stamped label. Gold confetti are on both visible ends of the container to ensure the gender is not revealed until you decide! When ready to reveal the gender, remove the shrink band and the lid and push the pop stick upwards (serve it like a volleyball with a little UMPH!). As the confetti flies and lands, the gender will be revealed with the color that was once concealed!


1.5″ x 7.5″ (including handle)
Mix of hand-cut paper shapes & metallic foil shapes

Each pop is packaged with a removable plastic seal around the lid to ensure it does not pop in transit.

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