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Celebrate love day with our heart-shaped bouquets delivered straight to you! Choose from our 3 sizes:

Crushin': 10 Mylar Heart-Shaped Balloons

That's BAE: 14 Mylar Heart-Shaped Balloons + 1 Jumbo Heart

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: {as pictured} 18 Mylar Heart-Shaped Balloons + 2 Jumbo Hearts


Pick-up orders will be available at our studio on Thursday, February 14th from 9:00AM-5:00PM. 830 Exposition Ave, Ste 102 Dallas TX 75226.

Deliveries will go out on Valentine's Day starting at 10:00AM. If you have any custom requests, please send an email to info@lushra.com or call 469-351-9158.